Dog Swimming Pool Denver

dogs swimmingIs your dog overweight? Wondering how to make exercising more fun for your dog? Alternatively, do your dogs love the water and you wish you could give them the same level of fun they have at home in your pool? Here at Sparky’s Playground here in Denver, CO, we’ve got you covered with our new salt-filtered doggie daycare pool!

Swimming is a healthy and fun way for your furry friend to get the exercise they need. Let’s not forget it’s also a great way for your dogs to socialize, learn, and play as well as stay cool during the hotter parts of the year.


doggie pool

  • A calmer, happier dog: Swimming is a great way to relieve excess energy and channels your dog’s energy into a fun activity.
  • Physical Fitness: Just 5 minutes of swimming for your furry friend is more beneficial than a 20-minute walk
  • Cognitive health for aging pets: Just like regular exercise benefits your brain as it ages, regular exercise also keeps your pet alert and active by stimulating their mind
  • Keeps your dog cool: Swimming is one of the best ways to keep your fur baby cool all-year round.
  • Helps dogs with special needs: Swimming in our doggie pool is an excellent way for dogs with disabilities like arthritis to get exercise in a relaxing environment.
  • A stronger, more energetic dog: Swimming helps improve your dog’s strength and stamina by building up muscle tone in even the most sedentary dogs.

There’s no need to worry anymore about whether or not your dog will have enough exercise when you leave him at a kennel or doggie daycare. Plus, even dogs who don’t get along with other dogs can have alone time in our doggie daycare pool. Our dog pool time includes:

  • Full supervision as your pup enjoys swim time.
  • Choice of group swim or private swim times.
  • Swim time is in a real 18’ x 4’ round doggie pool, not a plastic kiddie pool.
  • Because our pool is not plastic, it’s filtered and heated to an optimum temperature so your dog is never too hot or too cold.
swim price list
swimming pug
  • All of our swim packages require a 1-time private swim to evaluate your dog’s swim ability and comfort level with water before being eligible for group swim time.
  • All swim packages include 30-minute swim session, rinse and towel dry.
  • No matter what swim package you choose, whether it’s swimming alone, or an addon to one of our other doggie daycare or boarding services, your dog will love their time frolicking and having fun in the doggie pool here at Sparky’s Playground. Call us to set up your dog’s next swim today!