Bath, Brush, Nails and Ears in Denver, CO

Bathing isn’t just a luxury
It’s an important part of your dog’s good health

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Properly bathing your dogs can have tremendous effects on their well-being, happiness, and health. Sometimes all it takes for a dog to feel brand-new again is a bath, a cut, and a comb. This is why dog bathing is so important! At Sparky’s Playground, we take pride in delivering the very best in pet bathing services.

Our bathing services are the perfect way to pamper your pet! We pamper your pet like no one else. Our goal is to always leave your pet looking prim and proper, and feeling their very best.

Pampering your pet

pet pamperingPet bathing in Denver, CO is the best way to keep your pet happy and confident. Nothing helps them prance like a freshly-trimmed coat or nails that are trimmed to the appropriate length! Having them bathed is a great way to show your pet you care for them.

More than just looking great, however, a good bath can be uplifting for your pup’s health as well. Ensuring burrs and mats don’t form in their coat helps keep pests off of them. Keeping nails trimmed prevents impactions and infections from developing. A good bath will prevent bacteria and skin irritation from forming. The benefits go on and on!

To make sure your pup is in good spirits and top health, we encourage you to come to Sparky’s Playground for routine bathing. We can handle any breed or any size dog and will give your companion the personalized attention they need.

Owner bathing stations

Want to spend some quality time bathing your own dog? No problem! We have a do-it-yourself dog washing area for some dog/owner TLC time. And, don’t forget to stop by our Bowtique when you’re done, where you’ll find collars, leashes, blankets and travel bowls!

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If your pooch is looking a little shaggy or the time has come for them to get the pampering they deserve, make an appointment with Sparky’s Playground today! We’re ready to give your furry friend the comprehensive bathing service they need to stay well.

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